Welcome to the webpages of Deafblind (NZ) Incorporated.  We are a voluntary not for profit organisation who advocate and lobby on behalf of all deafblind people. We currently have support groups in Auckland, Waikato and Canterbury.

Being a consumer-driven organisation means that we are in control of what we do, we decide what are the issues and barriers that we have to deal with, and what we need to do about them.  The Society is about deafblind people speaking for ourselves.

We work with the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) to provide advice and information about our needs so that we can have the service and support we need.  We also work with government departments and agencies which keeps them informed about our unique needs and why funding to deliver services to us is so important.  We are continually advocating about the barriers we face on a daily basis, to full inclusion in society.

Peer support is something we all benefit from and is another role the Society has to play for deafblind people.  As our membership grows we are setting up Local Support Groups around the country.  By becoming a member of Deafblind (NZ) Incorporated you can choose to be as involved in the Society as you want, but most importantly this will provide an opportunity for you to meet and get together with other deafblind people for social occasions and to share your own deafblind experiences.  Peer support is all about learning from one another and supporting each other – we share deafblindness information and give each other ideas to improve our quality of life.

Our Executive is made up of seven deafblind people and the treasurer is non deafblind.